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The Gö Feldweg Omloop  (Flemish word for a circuit or runde) is a ‘road’ based bike ride linking together asphalt and Betonweg field roads (Feldweg) with cobbles and gravel, plus cycle paths and public roads into what we hope is a soulful ‘classic’ homage tour. Two rides feature a greater level of gravel – Het Volk and Gö North 48km

Cobbles! Not Flanders like, but they are good enough to get me excited and this can equally be said that the gravel isn´t the Strade Bianche of Tuscany, but all put together I like to think that the Gö Feldweg Omloop´s are all challenging tours .

After rain, the route can get dirty wet or dusty when dry.

Sorry, there is not a German language text.

The three chairs of Sieboldhausen, an iconic spot on the tour

Five Routes
There are seven routes, 72km , 60km , 54km, 41km, Asphalt Only, Het Volk and Gö North.

The tours start at the Gö velodrome (not the Asphalt version) with the first stages featuring gravel and stretches of cool cobbles.

The 54km and 40km routes go East at Obernjesa whilst the 61 and 78 go South out to Bisenhausen.

At Reinhausen the 72km and 54km venture further East to Appenrode and feature the wonderful asphalt descents off the Gleichen hills.

All but the Asphalt, Het Volk and Gö North routes merge at Diemarden for the final kilometers back to the velodrome.

72km Route –Volkerode/Obernjesa/Friedland/Besenhausen/Reinhausen/Appenrode/Gleichen Hills/Gelliehasuen/Benniehausen/Diemarden.

We ride both the southern loop out to Bisenhausen and the eastern loop via Appenrode.

48.3km: Feldweg, Betonweg, gravel, cyclepaths.
28.0km: Public roads. 

Updated on November 6, 2022.

60km route – Volkerode/Obernjesa/Friedland/Besenhausen/Reinhausen/Diemarden

We miss out the eastern Appenrode section.

47.0km: dirt road (concrete/asphalt), cobbles cycle paths, Ribinou, gravel.
13.0km: Public Road – Asphalt and open to cars etc.

Two hills plus 4 cobble, 6 gravel & 1 Ribinou sectors.

Updated on August 28, 2022.

54.48km route – Volkerode/Obernjesa/Stockhausen/Wendebachstrasse/Reinhausen/Appenrode/Diemarden

We exclude the Southern leg to Bisenhausen via Friedland.

42.00km: dirt road (concrete/asphalt), cobbles cycle paths, Ribinou, gravel.
12.8km: Public Road – Asphalt and open to cars etc.

Three hills plus 4 cobble, 7 gravel & 1 Ribinou sectors.

Updated on October 3, 2022.

41km route – Volkerode/Obernjesa/Stockhausen/Wendebachstrasse/Reinhausen/Diemarden

We miss out both the eastern Bremke and southern Friedland sections.

34.5km: dirt road (concrete/asphalt), cobbles cycle paths, Ribinou, gravel.
6.2km: Public Road – Asphalt and open to cars etc.

Three hills plus 4 cobble, 5 gravel & 1 Ribinou sectors.

Updated on October 19, 2022.

Asphalt Only 53kmNiedernjesa/Sieboldhausen x6/Volkerode/Lemshausen/Dramfeld/Geismar

The Gö Feldweg Omloop without the gravel and cobbled sectors. On this tour we ride the asphalt farmers roads, cycle paths and, public roads.

Asphalt Feldweg/Cycle paths: 40.8km
Public roads open to cars: 12.5km

Updated on August 21, 2022.

More Gravel Featured

Gö Het Volk – 50km

Sieboldhausen, Dramfeld, Klein, Schneen, Elkershausen, Marzhausen, Reckershausen, Friedland, Klein Schneen, Groß Schneen, Obernjesa, Niedernjesa.

New in May 2023 The 19 gravel sectors on this tour are a metaphor to help illustrate the spirit of the pro-road race and to stand in for the cobblestones although we include four representative sections.

Public Strasse: 9km
Betonweg, asphalt Feldweg and gravel (Including 16.3km of gravel): 41km
Elevation 193m

Gö North Feldweg Omloop – 48km

Grone – Bovenden – Nörten Hardenberg – Almost Northeim – Nörten Hardenberg – Bovenden – Grone

New in April 2023, we travel north of Göttingen following the Leine Valley reaching out beyond Bovenden and Nörten-Hardenberg.  Whilst we go close to Northeim we turn back before it and our return shadows the journey out but is different.

Public Strasse: 0.7 km
Feldweg Gravel (26 sektors): 20.4 km)
Feldweg Asphalt/Betonweg/cycle paths: 25.15 km
Elevation 136m

Routes: 72km60km56km40kmAsphaltHet VolkGö North

After years of watching cycle races such as Paris Roubaix and the Low Countries Classics I am now hard wired to find the cobbles and farm roads of Belgium and Northern France romantic. Having been firmly inculcated I seek similar in the Leine Valley near my home in Germany.

Such roads can at times overwhelm requiring a mental adjustment to find a balance that prevents you from switching on a red light in your head. ´Feeling it´ if you like and this translates to imbue my inanimate bike with a soul.

Parts of this route feature on both the Gö Strade Bianche and All Along the Watchtower rides, but the Feldweg Omloop attempts to avoid those gravel sections which are particularly rough.

Not Belgium
This ride to my mind has much in common with the Gent Wevelgem and other road races held in Belgium upon farm, public roads, Betonweg and sections of cobbles. Most of the pave on the Gent Wevelgem is found on the fierce Kemmelberg.

Gent Wevelgem features three sectors of Ploegsteert or Plug Streets as these gravel roads were called during World War One. I rode a previous tribute to Gent Wevelgem in two directions ( One and Two ).

The cobbled sectors are mild on this tour and some may question whether certain sections might be called that – I wish I could add, Zieten Terrace, Barbarastrasse or the cobblestone carousel to the route.

Concrete Feldweg

My Classic Rides have included:
Farm Roads in Gö .
Love Cobblestone
Cobblestone Carousel in Gö .
resalfpnietsfpoK Carousel in Gö .
Classics Celebration in Gö .
Gö Strade Bianche .
Gutingi STONE PRBX. high and low

Dry ‘clean’ concrete Feldweg

‘Dirty’ concrete Feldweg – add rain….

‘Clean’ asphalt Feldweg. Picture by Tim Beissinger

Dirty asphalt Feldweg. Picture by Josh Schenk

Asphalt Feldweg when wet

Mild gravel Feldweg

Cobbled Feldweg

We have ridden sections of the route on a gravel, a cyclo cross and a road bike. All of it should be rideable on the latter if you fit tough tires or avoid it when very wet because mud may clog up between your wheels on a close clearance road bike frame. A gravel bike may be slower on the public roads but its ideal on many of the farm roads.


Attention/Take Note

The Gö Feldweg Omloop is a suggested route for a bike tour and not a race or competition. Should you decide to follow our tour description or a GPS of the route described, you do so at your own risk.

You are responsible for cycling as you think you can, according to your ability and fitness level.

Die Gö Feldweg Omloop ist ein Routenvorschlag für eine Fahradtour und kein Rennen oder Wettkampf. Solltest Du Dich dafür entscheiden, unserer Tourbeschreibung oder einem GPS der beschriebenen Route zu folgen, tust Du dies auf eigene Gefahr.

Du bist selbst dafür verantwortlich, entsprechend Deinem Können und Fitness-Niveau, so zu radeln, wie Du es Dir zutraust.


HomeRoute 72kmRoute 60kmRoute 54kmRoute 41kmAsphalt Only –  Gallery

More Gravel:  Het VolkGö North 48km

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