Welcome to my website.

I am an ex-London cyclist and now a Göttingen rider – I have a fondness for cyclo cross and gravel cycling.

This is a narrative of sorts regarding my cycle life in my newly adopted home country.

Aren’t Websites Defunct?
A debate has raged for some time now about whether traditional websites are dead made redundant by Social Media, but I think not. There is still a place for websites. I believe this because many of my favourite ones are thoughtful and say more than a post or a Tweet can and often in a better context. I hope this site is that.

In my head
I sat on a bench at Kerstlingeröderfeld and thought….
My mantra is be more ‘Roubaixesque’.

Dogma/Legal Stuff
More about me and links to such things as privacy statement.

I have found a new lease of life riding in my new home.

Road Tours – Almost all tarmac
Road Gravel Tours – Asphalt with gravel sections (‘Roubaixesque’)
Gravel Tours – Mostly Gravel including forest trails.
All Tours
Göttingen Tours

Not all rides are shown and others are either on Garmin Connect or Strava.

When I lived in London I was fascinated by places and events and this remains true now I am in Germany.

I love cycle racing especially those races that stray from the asphalt such as the Strade Bianche  (‘Roubaixesque’).

Social Media
– Facebook – Veloklubhaus
– Facebook – Gravel Pave Dirt
– Facebook – John Mx
YouTube (since 2011)

Bike Shed
Including my 1990´s/2000´s gravel bike.

I would love to hear from you and if you don’t mind helping me with my German we might go out for a ride.


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