• Lets Rock in Gö – January 1 2023

    This was a scouting and GPS setting ride for a coming Gö Strade Bianche – Love of Mud Winter Series party ride. We visit the Kopfsteinpflaster Karussell and the Bürgertal Canyon plus the Rosengarten at Reinhausen. This route features several stiff climbs including one gravel ascent I walked up (25% plus) – the ride rocks… Continue Reading

  • Harz Visit September 2022

    During a flying visit to Germany by Tom and Irene from the Netherlands, we ate lots of cake, toured Göttingen and then went walking in the Harz Mountains (close to Gö). I have visited the Harz many times but after a year’s gap it was shocking to see large swathes of dead trees. It is… Continue Reading

  • 9 Euro Day Trip 2 – August 30 2022 Tourism

    With just a few days before the end of the nine Euro ticket valid on all regional transport we decided to cross state lines and revisit Kassel some 50 kilometres from Göttingen. Tickets deals for internal travel within my home state of Lower Saxony will remain. Kassel sits upon the Fulda River in Hesse (some… Continue Reading

  • 9 Euro Day Trip – August 26 2022 Tourism

    The plan was to make use of our nine Euro rail ticket and visit Hannover, but the train was delayed because of a defect, and we opted to go instead to Kassel as that train was scheduled to leave much sooner. Hann Münden On board the train we decided spontaneously to jump off to visit… Continue Reading

  • Bad Harzburg July 2022

    Bad Harzburg is not a ye oldie German town and has very few signs of life before the 18th Century when it developed into a Spa Resort (it was called Neustadt until 1892). The town situated to the north of the Harz Mountains and is overlooked by them, drew people from across the German speaking… Continue Reading

  • Power Corrupts – Letter from Germany 17

    When we went into Covid lockdown in 2019 I began writing letters from my new home in Germany and it’s been a while since I wrote my last one. By writing these letters I hoped to understand Germany better and my home country the United Kingdom. Covid/Letters Home This letter was spurred by a plaque… Continue Reading

  • Pot Belge in Gö 2 – July 18 2021 Road Ride

    WH Auden, the Anglo/American poet wrote ´Funeral Blues´ or also known as ´Stop all the Clocks´ for a 1936 satirical political play (The Ascent of F6) and then subsequently he rewrote it removing several lines which referred to specific people and events in the 1930s. It became a more personal work thereafter. The poem can… Continue Reading

  • A DDR Bunker in Gö – June 28 2021 Gravel Ride

    The Iron Curtain was a political and physical division created after World War Two splitting Europe into East and West. I rode my gravel bike to visit an abandoned bunker part of what was once the German Internal Border erected to enforce this schism close to the city of Göttingen. Salt the Fields?After the war,… Continue Reading

  • Letter from Germany 12 – Immigrant

    March 2019 saw me in my new home city in Central Germany and two years on I am living in a time of a pandemic. I began writing these letters at the start of the pandemic in an attempt to understand Germany better and to get to grips with my relationship with the United Kingdom.… Continue Reading