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Friedland/Bisenhausen loop – 60km (revised August 28 2022)


We miss out the Stockhausen and Appenrode sections.

This version of the Omloop has been revised with a new route out from the velodrome featuring a section of gravel and importantly more cobblestones.

There is also a big change at Friedland where we cut out a visit to Marzhausen going more directly to Bisenhausen with an added sector of gravel!

The total distance is 60km (we were unable to ride laps at the velodrome) of which 13km approx. are public roads with the rest being dirt roads or cycle paths closed to general traffic. The ride includes – 5 sectors of cobbles (2.5km), 10 sectors of mild gravel (6.7km), and 1 sector of Ribinou (0.4).

Feldweg Asphalt – not open to general motor traffic and may also be a cycle path.
Feldweg Betonweg – concrete and as above.
Cobbles (5 – 2.5km) – some may argue they are not, 2 are very mild.
Cycle path – a cycle path shared with pedestrians with an asphalt surface.
Feldweg Gravel (10 – 6.7km) – loose stones, mostly hardpacked & hopefully not a mudbath. 
Public Road – Asphalt and open to cars etc. (mmkm)
Ribinou (1 – 0.4km) – a Breton word for a green farm road. 

Gravel/Cobble categories  (this is purely subjective & made up by us)
We have graded the gravel 1 to 5 with 5 being the roughest (there is also an Hors Cat for very extreme).

Cat 1 – mostly hard packed and rideable on almost all bikes.
Cat 2 – often hard packed, a little rougher, potholes and challenging.
Cat 3 – loose surface, more ruts & potholes, gradient changes, bigger stones with greater caution required. (may include downhill or a turn)
Cat 4 – very rough, loose with larger stones and deep ruts/potholes.
Cat 5 – as 4 but may also be downhill, maybe tight turns or with single track and ruts.
HC—Mind bogglingly hard.

Please bear in mind that roads may at times be closed because of farm or forestry workings, please be considerate to all.

Many smooth asphalt or concrete field roads can be heavily compromised by detritous.

Gö Feldweg Omloop (circuit or runde) concept – https://veloklubhaus.com/2022/09/13/the-go-feldweg-omloop/

GPS ride: https://veloklubhaus.com/2022/08/28/go-feldweg-omloop-60km-august-28-2022-road-ride/

Garmin: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/9494697528
Strava:  https://www.strava.com/activities/7714910218
Komoot: https://www.komoot.com/tour/906584259

The tour is divided into stages and stated are the types of road sections you will ride per stage.

Villages on route are included and at what distance they come.


Stage 1 – Velodrome Exit @ 0 KM After leaving the velodrome we join a gravel path almost at once and this section can be busy with other users so be watchful and be friendly!

SECTIONS – 1 Gravel (0.5 km – Cat 1/2), dirt road.

Stage 2 – Kiessee cobblestones

SECTIONS – Cobbles (0.3km Cat 2), 1 Gravel (0.1km – Cat 1) , Public Road

Stage 3 – Kiessee/Rosdorf

We pass the Dreckwarte monument and go over the Leine Dam adjacent to the newly created wetlands.

The second gravel sector here also features on the Gö Strade Bianche.

SECTIONS – Betonweg, 2 Gravel (0.5 & 0.7 km – Cat 1/2), Public Road

Stage 4 – Rosdorf Cobbles

We ignore the asphalt cycle path and instead we ride the cobbles which run alongside the railway. 400 metres of pure pleasure!

SECTIONS – Cobbles (0.4 km – Cat 2)

The adjacent cyclepath is verboten in line with being a cool cyclist !

Rosdorf Railway Crossing @ 4.7 km

Stage 5 – Rosdorfer Warte/Heinrich-Sohnrey Straße

We cross the railway and head onto Betonweg with the now lost medieval Rosdorfer Warte above us.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Betonweg, Cycle path, Public Road

Stage 6 – Heinrich-Sohnrey Straße/Sieboldhausen

The following four stages inspired the Feldweg Omloop, and these farm roads are often heavy with detritus.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Betonweg, Cycle path

Sieboldhausen @ 8.4 km

Stage 7 – Sieboldhausen/Volkerode

Via Lemshausen @ 13.2 km

We ride towards Lemshausen and travel back almost the same way.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Gravel (0.2 km – Cat 2), Public Road

Volkerode @ 15.3 km

Stage 8 – Volkerode/Hauptstraße

We turn left and head toward the Wind Turbines although we turn away before them.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Public Road

Stage 9 – Hauptstraße/Sieboldhausen

This is a lovely stage crossing the Autobahn featuring a flowing descent but which can be tricky when wet.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Betonweg, Public Road

Sieboldhausen @ 18.8 km

Stage 10 – Sieboldhausen/Sieboldstraße

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Betonweg, Public Road

Stage 11 – Sieboldstraße/Obernjesa

You are obliged by all that is cool not to ride on the asphalt, but to stick to the cobbles.

There is a baker in Obernjesa. (Bäckerei Könnecke, Dramfelder Str. 8)

SECTIONS – Betonweg, Cobbles (0.3 km – Cat 2), Public Road

Obernjesa @ 24.6 km

The 56km and 40km tours go East at this point short cutting to Reinhausen missing out the Southern leg completely.

Stage 12 – Obernjesa/Klein Schneen/Friedland

Klein Schneen @ 27.4 km

Be very careful there is a blind spot when crossing the main road – watch out for fast traffic emerging from the right, but there is a mirror to help.

SECTIONS – Feldweg Asphalt, Cycle path, Public Road

Friedland @ 30.8 km

There is a direct link to Göttingen from the Friedland Railway Station. In addition the Friedland Transit Camp Museum is situated here and atop the hill beyond the cemetery (containing many refugee war graves) there is the Friedland-Gedächtnisstätte monument.

Stage 13 – Friedland/Friedland Rail Crossing

There is an Edeka supermarket in Friedland.

NOTE: Do not turn left into Bahnhof Straße! They are building a new annex to the Friedland Museum, and the area is now closed to through traffic. Instead continue on the road and turn left at the roundabout and pick up the route by the railway crossing.

SECTIONS – Cobbles (0.2 km – Cat 1), Public Road

Nestled within the timbered buildings of the old village is the Michelin starred Biewald Restaurant. Associated with it is a bistro that has a sign of welcome for cyclists (https://www.landhaus-biewald.de/) . The church is pretty cool as well.

Stage 14 Friedland/Autobahn Gravel

The gravel sector here also features on the Gö Strade Bianche .

SECTIONS – Dirt Track, Gravel (1.5 km – Cat 2), Public Road

Stage 15 – Autobahn Gravel/Niedergandern

We go under the Autobahn and dodge pot holes.

The gravel sector here also features on the Gö Strade Bianche .

SECTIONS – Dirt Asphalt, Gravel (0.9 km – Cat 1), Public Road

Niedergandern @ 34.9 km

Stage 16 – Niedergandern/Besenhausen

SECTIONS – concrete path

Besenhausen Cafe @ 36.1 km

There is a cafe and toilets – check their website for details – https://cafe-besenhausen.de/ .

Iron Curtain

As we leave Besenhausen looking to our right we can see signs stating that this was once the Iron Curtain and remains the state line of Thuringia, and a number of information boards illustrates how this area looked before the Internal Border  was removed after 1989-   https: //wegdergeschichte.de/.

We are overlooked at this spot by a  defunct DDR bunker.

Stage 17 – Besenhausen/Friedland

Via Reckershausen @ 38.5 km

As we pass through the village it is worthy of note that there is a bike shop here https://www . Fahrradke.de/  and a  Marshall Amp Museum.

SECTIONS – Concrete Path, Cycle path, Public Road

Stage 18 – Friedland/Gross Schneen

The gravel sector here is not featured on the longer version of this tour. It is also ridden on the Gö Strade Bianche but from the opposite direction.

Or go straight ahead and pick up the route at the end of the concrete path.

SECTIONS – Dirt Asphalt, Concrete Path, Cycle path, Gravel (1.6km – Cat 2), Public Road

Groß Schneen @ 43.3 km

There is a baker in Groß Schneen. (Bäckerei Könnecke, Landstrasse 22).

Stage 19 – Gross Schneen/Ballenhausen

The gravel sector here also features on the Gö Strade Bianche .

SECTIONS – Concrete Road, Gravel (0.2 km – Cat 1), Public Road

Ballenhausen @ 47.1 km

Stage 20 – Ballenhausen/Reinhausen

SECTIONS—Public Road

Reinhausen @ 49.7 km

NOTE: The 78km and 56km routes take a right turn at Reinhausen heading to Bremke, but on this tour and the 40km we go left and climb to Diemarden.

Stage 21 – Reinhausen/Diemarden

The second hill on this tour followed by a fast descent.

SECTIONS – Cycle path, Dirt Asphalt, Public Road

Diemarden @ 51.8 km

Stage 22 – Diemarden/Gartelbahn/B27

The stage features one section of Ribinou a Breton word for farm or a green road. Although this section is stated as also featuring cobbles the narrow cycle path is in fact very mild, but it can be very busy with other users.

This section of Ribinou can get very muddy and you may wish to make a premature exit (its OK in summer, but there is big hole). It is also rough and you can instead ignore it completely and ride the mild cobbles of the Gartelbahn.

Note: There are plans to widen the cycle route and this may see a temporary closure, but as ever in German local politics there is now a big argument about it, therefore it could take a long time before it happens.

SECTIONS – Dirt Road Asphalt, Cobbles (1.3 km – Cat 1), Public Road, Ribinou (0.4 km – Cat 3)

B27/Garteschenke @ 55.3 km

Stage 23 – B27 to the Velodrome

Be very careful crossing the busy B27.

The gravel sector here also features on the Gö Strade Bianche .

SECTIONS – Dirt Asphalt, Concrete Path, Cycle path, Gravel (0.5 km – Cat 1), Public Road

Velodrome @ 58.9 km (including a lap of the track at the start and finish will push the distance beyond 60km)

including a lap of the track at the start and finish will push the distance beyond 60km.

Velodrome @ 0 KM
Rosdorf Railway Crossing @ 4.7 km
Sieboldhausen @ 8.4 km
Lemshausen @ 13.2 km
Volkerode @ 15.3 km
Sieboldhausen @ 18.8 km
Obernjesa @ 24.6 km
Klein Schneen @ 27.4 km
Friedland @ 30.8 km
Niedergandern @ 34.9 km
Besenhausen Cafe @ 36.1 km
Reckershausen @ 38.5 km
Groß Schneen @ 43.3 km
Ballenhausen @ 47.1 km
Reinhausen @ 49.7 km
Diemarden @ 51.8 km
A27-Garteschenke @ 55.3 km
Velodrome @ 58.9 km

Attention/Take Note

The Gö Feldweg Omloop is a suggested cycle tour route and not a race or a contest, you should choose to follow our description or a GPS of the outlined route you do so at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to ride in a safe and in a comfortable manner suited to your own estimated skill or fitness level.

Die Gö Feldweg Omloop ist ein Routenvorschlag für eine Fahradtour und kein Rennen oder Wettkampf. Solltest Du Dich dafür entscheiden, unserer Tourbeschreibung oder einem GPS der beschriebenen Route zu folgen, tust Du dies auf eigene Gefahr.

Du bist selbst dafür verantwortlich, entsprechend Deinem Können und Fitness-Niveau, so zu radeln, wie Du es Dir zutraust.


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