• Freddie Frinton Rides

    Freddie Frinton Rides are rides which are to paraphrase Freddie,“The same procedure as last time”  from Dinner For One, a cult German film shown each New Year. These are gravel, road or gravel/road rides that are undertaken regularly and this includes Freddie Frinton Ride One featured here. Gö Beet – October 24 2020 Gravel/Road Ride… Continue Reading

  • Gö PRBX – October 8 2020 Gravel/Stein/Road Tour

    I rode the Gö PRBX route in the rain as part of my recovery from having two of my Wisdom Teeth extracted. A cycle ride based upon the Hainberg overlooking the German city of Göttingen featuring gravel, forest trails, Panzerweg, Kopfsteinpflaster (Cobbles), some use of public roads and importantly gnarly Befestigter Waldweg (Reinforced wild road).… Continue Reading

  • Gutingi (Gö) Rad Tours

    Cycle rides in and around the German city of Göttingen. Gutingi is the ancient name for Göttingen a university city set in the heart of Germany, Central Europe. There are three Gutingi Tours at present each of different lengths: The Gutingi Strade Bianche, Gutingi STEIN PRBX and Gutingi All Along the Watchtower – Die Warten. These… Continue Reading

  • Talking Speed – August 30 2020 Gravel Ride

    For sure we could have gone faster, especially Josh, but that wasn´t the point. We set a pace at which we could talk, be chilled and all rode our bikes as a form of recovery. We began at the velodrome rode across the gravel farm trails into the forest and raced down the available descents.… Continue Reading

  • Gutingi STEIN PRBX – Hainberg Befestigter Waldweg

    Eine Hainberg-Radtour mit Göttingenpanorama auf Gravel, Waldwegen, Panzerwegen, Kopfsteinpflaster, teils auf öffentlichen Straßen, aber hauptsächlich auf holperigen, befestigten Waldwegen. Eine Rundtour von ca. 15 km Länge, so gut, dass ich sie gleich mehrmals gemacht habe!! DE German – ENG Home – Route – Gallery – Gutingi Rides Mobilität Straßen, Pfade und Trails sind für unser… Continue Reading

  • Stein – August 19 2020 Road/Gravel Ride

    Riding a circuit is cool, you can stay close to home, you can step off when your body says so and you can go home should a monsoon attack. What it doesn´t have to be is boring! This tough 15km circuit ridden on a 28m front and 26m rear tyre featured asphalt, stein roads, Kopfsteinpflaster… Continue Reading

  • No Yorkshire Tea – August 16 2020 Gravel Ride

    We talked about Yorkshire tea (*mysteriously it came up) and swapped stories about tea and tea drinking habits in ´Gods chosen county´, but didn´t drink any. Instead we concentrated upon drinking German beer, ate German cakes, and rode cool German gravel. A day of good Anglo-Deutsche relations or should I say Bristol-Göttingen relations – Thanks… Continue Reading

  • Chasing Bianchis – July 25 2020 Road Ride

    A ride with hills to give Tom and Naomi a few ups and downs in contrast to their normal Netherlands terrain over a *Freddie Frinton route which has become one of my favourites. I first met Tom in London over thirty years ago when he was cycle touring and today, we rode with him and… Continue Reading

  • A Hedge! – July 18 2020 Road Ride

    This route has become a ´Freddie Frinton*´ one for me, it would seem to be my go-to when I just want to do a road ride on a known course. From the saddle I noted that Sunflowers are out and on route I saw a rare thing – a hedge lined road. (*Freddie Frinton being… Continue Reading