• Zwei Burgen Tour – June 20 2020 Road Ride

    On the longest day of the year I set out across the Leine Valley to Jühnde Castle and then back across the valley to venture into Thuringia at the State Line with Niedersachsen where once stood the Iron Curtain. Returning to my home state I climbed up to the Gleichen Castle, not to the top… Continue Reading

  • Ducks and Snails – June 4 2020 Road Ride

    We were expecting heavy rain with thunder and lightning, so with a mind to a future drought I connected two water butts to the house drainpipes. With two nicely filled butts and no rain forecast for the evening I ventured out, but it did rain and I spent 44 plus kilometres getting gloriously wet. I… Continue Reading

  • Another Country – March 28 2020 Road Ride

    Quiet roads, very few cars – no motor car hassles (one annoying BMW driver) and lots of people including children enjoying the fine weather. I must be in another country, wait, I am! My UK feed is full of stuff about cyclists being slagged off for riding and there seems to be so much scolding… Continue Reading

  • Not Roses of Picardy – November 23 2019 Road Ride

    The public roads and landscape along the Leine Valley near Gö remind me of Picardy and Northern France. Any further resemblance is lost because the villages look different (although familiar) and rather than cobbled (Roubaix) farm roads they are gravel. Also the hills along the Leine Valley are natural whilst in Northern France they can… Continue Reading

  • Grenze hopping – October 15 Road Ride

    With weather forecasts saying that we were in for another summers day I wanted to do something a little bit bolder just in case we plunge into the darkness of winter next. I elected to ride to the Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund near Bad Sooden-Allendorf on the Hessian-Thuringian border. This would take me past iconic places that… Continue Reading

  • Sorry Miriam – August 25 2019 Road Ride

    The day after I had proclaimed on Miriam Schattner‘s (a Hamburg crosser and gravelist) FB timeline that “I am addicted to gravel”, I went for a road ride instead. In mitigation I would say that I want to build up some endurance and I thought a road ride would do the job especially as it’s… Continue Reading

  • Garden Gate Spin – August 23 2019 Road Ride

    The first house in Kirchgandern out from Goettingen and once situated in the DDR has this great garden gate and a wonderful sculpture denoting the distance to Hanoi and Moscow to name two places. We wondered if the occupant had ridden to them? Just before Kirchgandern and the old DDR border is a sort of… Continue Reading

  • White Shoes – August 11 2019 Road Ride

    It was intended to be a rest day at the training camp, but the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting and we wanted to wear our best white road shoes. So we did and I enjoyed a 62kmh plus descent although otherwise it was more about enjoying being alive and enjoying the views, plus… Continue Reading

  • Village Life – July 28, 2019 Ride

    It had been hot, over 40 at times and nor did the heat relent that much in the evenings. For a cool ride it was best to get up early and I mean early and too early for me, and head for the forests. Prudence said in my ear not to ride too much, so… Continue Reading

  • Best White Shoes – June 29 2019

    I went for a road ride with just a few metres of gravel and I did it simply so I could wear my favourite shoes. These road shoes are only for sunny days and ‘clean’ riding. They are white and they glow silver in the sunshine. I have been thinking that for most of my… Continue Reading

  • Friedland Transit Camp – June 15 Ride 2019

    We think we might pedal far and heroically but history tells us what suffering, travel and hardship really is and which at times can be beyond understanding. A visit to the Museum Friedland as part of my June 15 ride to Friedland. Personally, I am an (Cycling) Immigrant. In Transit Migration and immigration are part… Continue Reading

  • Friedland – June 15 Ride 2019

    A short ride from my new home town is a place that played an amazing part in post-World War Two life – it was at the Friedland Transit Camp that millions of displaced people, POW’s and refugees travelled through. It was near the small village of Friedland that the US, British and Soviet Zones of… Continue Reading

  • Der Internal Grenze

    A ride to the now defunct Internal Border. Every location has an intrinsic value and the landscape can be dramatic or even supine and a ‘back-water’ can have a story to tell, if often a little more prosaic than some. Additionally man’s intervention in the landscape can be dramatic (or traumatic) and with the passage… Continue Reading

  • South London Murals

    Murals have a long history of presenting a narrative, a sentiment, a joke or simply a nice artwork. They are the embodiment of art in a public space. Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera reflected the narratives of US and Mexican history respectively along with many others by creating epic art works that few people… Continue Reading

  • Box Hill – North Downs, England

    The 2012 Olympic Games cycle road races featured nine ascents of the Zig Zag road, better known as Box Hill, for the men and two for the women. It was intended that this North Downs climb would smash the race apart. Sadly, for the British team working for Mark Cavendish and despite setting the pace… Continue Reading

  • Plastic Bertrand – Fahrrad in Belgium

    Belgium one cycling nation – Kassein or Pavé? / Belgien ist eine Nation von Radfahrern – Kassein oder Pavé? The picture above is of World and Olympic Champion Nicole Cooke riding the Muur de Huy during La Fleche Walonne Classic Name a famous Belgian ‘Plastic Bertrand’ I replied – ‘nah, someone famous, name me a famous Belgian’? My… Continue Reading

  • Riding the Kemmelberg Fahrradtour

    2014 saw the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War One and this caused a rekindling of interest in the long, bloody fighting line that straddled Europe between 1914 to 1917. To mark the occasion the 2014 Tour de France visited many of the major battlefields and stage five began at the Belgian town… Continue Reading

  • Paris Roubaix 2010 – Brutal

    ‘Brutal’, is all I could utter when asked how it went; what else could I say? A little earlier I had fallen into the arms of a friend in Roubaix Velodrome centre. I felt so weak and there was simply nothing left in my body, but my soul was full, very full. The bi-annual event… Continue Reading