April 2022 Rides

A page featuring galleries and links for cycle tours undertaken during April 2022.

I ride regularly, and I do not necessarily post a web page for each tour I do.

I do post to Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and occasionally to Komoot and Instagram.

Monthly Tours

Blossom in Gö – April 27 2022 Gravel/Road Ride

At this time of the year the landscape is brightened by pink and white and, on this ride, we followed the blooming Cherry, and the apple blossom the latter now emerging at the end of the April.

This ride has a web page of its own.

Peace Dividend Ride in Gö – April 23 2022 Gravel Ride

I am recovering from a cold and therefore a gentle ride was required!

Our Saturday gravel ride featured places touched by war.

Many conflicts have ravaged the Gö area causing depravation, and hardship for generations – including the Thirty Years War, Seven Years War and WW2.

Although the atrocity that is the Russian military invasion of Ukraine has knocked my confidence a degree or two, I know I live in a period of peace that Central Europe has never seen before.

Zieten Terrace – Kesterlingrodefeld, Thirty Years War, Seven Years War and WW2 (Air and Ground Wars) plus Lost Villages.

Ich erhole mich gerade von einer Erkältung und daher war ein sanfter Ritt angesagt!

Unsere gravel ride am Samstag zeigte Orte, die vom Krieg berührt wurden.

Viele Konflikte haben das Gö-Gebiet verwüstet und über Generationen Verwüstungen und Not verursacht – darunter der Dreißigjährige Krieg, der Siebenjährige Krieg und der Zweite Weltkrieg.

Zieten Terrace – Kesterlingrodefeld, Thirty Years War, Seven Years War und WW2 (Air und Ground Wars) + Lost Villages.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7028545207

Mehr mit links etc.: https://veloklubhaus.com/2022/04/23/april-2022-rides/

Auch: https://veloklubhaus.com/2020/09/05/gutingi-all-along-the-watchtower-die-warten/

100% Easter Asphalt in Gö – April 18 2022 Road Ride

Full of chocolate and with heavy-ish legs from the previous day 76km ride, I was happy to twirl along with 100´s of other cyclists of all denominations and tribes out enjoying the Easter Monday sunshine.

I even got the chance to snap a sector of gravel in preparation for the 100km Gö Strade Bianche, and which we did not ride.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7002114116

Gö Feldweg Omloop 76km – April 17 2022 ´Road´ Ride

The 78km without the gnarly gravel above Volkerode and this was a GPS setting ride and it has a webpage.

Gö Strade Bianche 42km – April 13 2022 Gravel/Road Ride

This was a GPS setting ride and it has a webpage.

Whispering Wind in Gö – April 11 2022 Gravel/Road Ride

The previous day the wind had been howling (see below) but today it was whispering, it was telling us to be cool, relax and enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine.

The ride also gave me the opportunity to take pictures of Gö Strade Bianche 100+km route gravel sectors.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6965168779

Howling Wind in Gö – April 10 2022 Gravel/Road Ride

Any ambitions of a longer ride were swept away because firstly I had forgotten to take a drink with me and secondly, the wind was howling, it was cold and piercing especially when in combination with rain.

Instead, I scouted a few sections of gravel, and this was successful, in the sense that one was viable and the other not for inclusion in the 100 kilometre plus Gö Strade Bianche.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6960663269

Gö Feldweg Omloop 40km – April 6 2022 ´Road´Ride´

This was a GPS setting ride and it has its own page.

#springclassicschallenge in Gö – April 3 2022 Gravel Ride

My first challenge, this one hosted by the Gravel Union to celebrate the Spring road race classics held in the Low Countries and France in April.

The rules are simple. Create your own route which takes in at least six of the nine features on the brevet card.

It had snowed a few days before! My intention was to ride the challenge on a road bike, but I opted to free style a route on my gravel machine.

Although the snow had mostly thawed the return of winter meant it was cold with an icy wind.


Pictures include (the challenge):
Something French – Z Cycle Team Top.
View from the trail – Looking across the Leine Valley toward Thuringia.
Unusual sight – Post Industrial railway and a Medieval Watch tower.
Cobbles/Pave – Two sets.
Tyre Tracks – A mix of bike tyres and those from a tractor.
Perfect gravel – All gravel is perfect, but I like it when lined by trees.
Route planning – A list…
Spring flowers – No riot of spring flowers yet, but there are a few here and there.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6926270034

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