Into and Out of the Fog in Gö – November 10 2020 Gravel Ride

35KM auf fast trockenen Schotterwegen – einschließlich: Grone, Bovenden, Berg Plesse, Rieswarte, Nikolausberg, Bratental, Lutter River und Hainberg Forest.

I last rode sections of this route on January 29, 2020 when I was scouting `All Along the Watchtower´ and since then I have suggested the Warte Route.

With little rain having fallen in recent days and on a cold Autumn day we rode almost all dry gravel trails which meant plenty of crunchy leaves under wheel. We started with fog hanging over us and by the time we got to the Plesse Castle the sun was poking through. We eventually ended the ride in sunshine.

At the Gö Velodrome we picked up the gravel trails passing near to the now lost Grone Castle (Torn down by citizens in 1387) and left Göttingen.

We rode along the Leine River before beginning a long climb up to the Plesse Castle at Bovenden. From the Plesse we followed a long straight stretch of fast gravel and left the high ground visiting the Rieswarte on route (One of a chain of medieval watchtowers around the city). Next up was Nikolausberg where we further lost height and plunged down the long descent of the Bratental to the Lutter River.

From here we climbed up and over the Hainberg Forest and home.

The Ride
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