Panzergeister in Gö – November 13 2020 Gravel Ride

29KM – Zieten Terrace (Kopsteinpflaster steigen), Kerstlingeröderfeld, langer Abstieg nach Klein Lengden und Garte River (4,9km), Diemarden, Diemardener Warte und Geismar.

ENG – (Panzer Ghosts in Gö)
Where once Tigers and Chieftains roamed there are a few reminders of the military presence at Kerstlingeröderfeld, but these are often hidden by flora, fauna and trees. What remains are concrete posts, a Leopard bath, and a huge concrete/brick shooting range.

It is the large labyrinth of gravel, stone roads, Panzerweg and concrete panzer platz that are the most visible vestige of the time when for over 40 years after World War Two and being just 15 kilometres from the ´Iron Curtain´ soldiers of first the US Army, then the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) and finally the Panzer Grenadiers of the NATO era Bundeswehr occupied Kerstinglingrode Feld.

The base was closed, and a Nature Park created when in the late 1980s/early 90s the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact stand off with NATO/West ended, and the area was given back to the people as part of the subsequent peace dividend.

More about other Gö military history can be found in All Along the Watchtower.


The Ride
Garmin Connect:

Peace Dividend Fahrradtour – Zieten Barracks – Kerstlingeröderfeld
Leopard Bath
Panzer Ghosts in the Forest

A massive Bundeswehr complex now abandoned.

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