To the Zoll and the Lords of Grona – July 24 2019 Ride

The letter from the Zoll said that on pain of fees, taxes and fines we must collect a parcel they had held from us for over a week.

We had ordered an item from a German company, via a German website and paid in Euros, but the vendor had sent it straight from the USA to us. We therefore had to pay as it now came from outside the European Union. We sorted it out and now I realise that I should buy UK goods soon before or if there is a ‘hard Brexit’!

We took advantage of the situation to visit nearby Grona Castle, well, what’s left of it after the citizens of Goettingen levelled it to the ground after years of suffering at the hands of the Lords of Grona. We were also able to ride some cool single track at the lost castle with a few gnarly descents thrown in for good measure.

Ancient Kings of Saxony were crowned at Grona from the 10th century.

We rode maybe just five kilometres of (quiet) public roads and we used the amazing network of cycle routes including those by the Leine River to get our package sorted out over a 25km route.

There was some interesting art on view and political graffiti.

The Ride:

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

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