• Panzergeister in Gö – November 13 2020 Gravel Ride

    DE 29KM – Zieten Terrace (Kopsteinpflaster steigen), Kerstlingeröderfeld, langer Abstieg nach Klein Lengden und Garte River (4,9km), Diemarden, Diemardener Warte und Geismar. ENG – (Panzer Ghosts in Gö) Where once Tigers and Chieftains roamed there are a few reminders of the military presence at Kerstlingeröderfeld, but these are often hidden by flora, fauna and trees.… Continue Reading

  • Plesse Castle Ride – June 21 2019

    Or following in Grandma’s footsteps and German Castles are just not ‘hard arse’ enough. My image of castles was formed by visiting Wales where large and imposing castles were built to express power, deliver military dominance over and the subjugation of the Welsh by the English. Also ‘hard as nails’ castles built by the Norman… Continue Reading