Looking out from my Tyre Rabbit Hole in Gö – January 20 2021 Gravel Ride

Aus dem Kiesreifen-Rabbit Hole – Zwei Räder gut, zwei CX-Reifen besser (für Schlamm).

Eine 30 km lange Fahrt – einschließlich des Kopfsteinpflasteraufstiegs auf die Zieten-Terrasse, eines schneebedeckten Kesterlingröder-Feldes (obwohl es aufgetaut war) und eines langen, schneefreien Abstiegs ins Leine-Tal.

Out of the gravel tyre rabbit hole – Two wheels good, two CX tyres better (for mud).

A 30km ride – Including the cobbled climb of Zieten Terrace, a snow blanketed Kesterlingröder Feld (although thawing and which acted like Velcro) and a long snow free descent into the Leine Valley.

Rabbit Hole
It is almost one year since I scurried down the ´rabbit hole´ and I purchased my first gravel tyres, now I have refitted my cyclo cross tyres.

Big fat gravel tyres are cool for rough stuff especially in the summer when the trails are dry and littered with dislodged rocks. But, in a wet muddy winter and where snow can be present on the trails (not gnarly ones) a pair of muck friendly CX tyres work so well. I have been told ´tongue in cheek´ that gravel tyres are not such until they are 40 plus wide! A pair of CX tyres are a maximum of 33mm wide as per cycling’s governing body the UCI´s rulebook. This rule was added when MTBers began to make waves at International cyclo cross and fitted tyres of 34mm which looked massive at the time (video in the first link below).

With the trails so muddy right now and some snow the narrow CX tyres have a good knack of cutting rather than squelching through the slushy stuff to harder ground. Narrow tyres also give improved tyres clearance with the bike frame and mud treads are knobbly and flexible adding grip. Mud tyres are awful on asphalt and require you to use caution when cornering as the steering can make your bike feel like a sofa to ride (added cushions with low pressures).

So, is my escape from the Rabbit Hole permanent…..? No and I am eager for summer.

Tyres Down the Rabbit Hole I Go
A Ride on the Darkside


Snow ride at Kesterlingröder-Feldes.

The Ride
Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/6138975072
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/4652568548

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