Jack Frost Nipping at your Nose in Gö – January 18 2021 Snow Ride

Nat King Cole sang eine großartige Linie – ´Jack Frost Nipping at your Nose´.

Schnee und Kälte vorgestellt auf dieser 10km Schotterfahrt

Cold temperatures have gripped the area in the past week bringing snow fall of which Göttingen has not witnessed for some time.

Nat King Cole sang a great line about the cold and its affect upon your body – “Jack Frost Nipping at your Nose”.

There were no Polar Bears upon Kesterlingröder Feld where once Leopards roamed but being the highest point in the Gö area much snow had accumulated where they could hide and so maybe they were just being shy.

I had stayed off the bike prior to today whilst the ground was ice hard rather taking in several walks (January 5, 6, 16 and 17). On this day, the temperature had risen above zero lessening the threat of ice, and so I rode.

Nonetheless it was cold on the high ground! Therefore we kept the ride short at 10km and riding in snow is hard work.

Walk Pictures (see links above)

Another cool song to sing to yourself when riding in the winter is the Sleigh Ride by the Ronettes.

Additionally, there is the song Winter Wonderland – Dean Martin as ever sounds drunk and a bit creepy which adds a nuance.

And finally, In the Bleak Mid-Winter a melancholic carol about winter.

The Ride

10km gravel ride.

Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/6127552596
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/4641134808

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