Gutingi (Gö) Rad Tours

Cycle rides in and around the German city of Göttingen.

Gutingi is the ancient name for Göttingen a university city set in the heart of Germany, Central Europe.

These are informal tours and the route is a suggestion only and we cannot guarantee the status of the routes at any time.

Contact: I would be happy if you would like to ride with us although not as an organised group or event. I would also like to hear from those who have ridden the routes suggested etc. –

Other Rides
I moved to Gö from London in 2019 and since then I have been exploring my immediate environment. Other rides are listed as: Road (Almost all asphalt)Road/Gravel (Asphalt & Gravel)Gravel (Focus on off-road) – All Tours

The Gö Feldweg Omloop

A road based ride featuring the many Betonweg and Asphalt farm roads of the area, plus some gravel.

ENGMore (sorry, no German text)

Gutingi All Along the Watchtower – Die Warten

“Two riders were approaching And the wind began to howl”

´Gutingi All Along the Watchtower´ ist ein Vorschlag für eine informelle Gravel-Radtour, die Orte in und um Göttinger ansteuert, welche Macht (und damit Einfluss) projizierten oder Schutz boten.

The ´Gutingi All Along the Watchtower´ is a suggested informal gravel ride that visits sites which projected power (and thus influence) or offered protection in and around the German city of Göttingen.

Gutingi STEIN PRBX – Hainberg Befestigter Waldweg

Eine Hainberg-Radtour mit Göttingenpanorama auf Gravel, Waldwegen, Panzerwegen, Kopfsteinpflaster, teils auf öffentlichen Straßen, aber hauptsächlich auf holperigen, befestigten Waldwegen.

Eine Rundtour von ca. 15 km Länge, so gut, dass ich sie gleich mehrmals gemacht habe!!

A cycle ride based upon the Hainberg overlooking the German city of Göttingen featuring gravel, forest trails, Panzerweg, Kopfsteinpflaster (Cobbles), some use of public roads and importantly gnarly Befestigter Waldweg (Reinforced wild road).

A ride made up of a circuit approx. 15km in distance, so good I rode it more than once!!

Strade Bianche de Gutingi

In der Umgebung von Göttingen gibt es mehrere “weiße Straßen“, außer im Winter, wenn sie grau sind.

Die ´Gö Gravel Strade Bianche Hommage´ folgt einer Route, die wir vom gern fahren, weil sie uns an die berühmten Strade Bianche ´Strassen‘-Rennen (für Männer und Frauen) auf den weißen Straßen der Toskana erinnern, von Siena nach Siena.

The German city of Göttingen has several white roads, except in the winter when they are grey.

The ´Gö Gravel Strade Bianche Homage´ follows a route we at ride to celebrate the men and women´s Strade Bianche cycle ´road’ races held on the white roads of Tuscany from Siena to Siena.

Coming Soon… Gutingi All Along the Watchtower – Die Warte und Bergers Route

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