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Close your eyes and think yourself in Tuscany and then open them at ride end.

Strade Bianche de Gutingi
The German city of Göttingen has several white roads, except in the winter when they are grey.

The ´Gö Gravel Strade Bianche Homage´ follows a route (30, 40, 56 und 76km + VISTA Tour) we at ride to celebrate the men and women´s Strade Bianche cycle ´road’ races held on the white roads of Tuscany from Siena to Siena.

The Strade Bianche is a race that has grown to cult status in a very short period and is seen by many as a modern ‘Monument’ of cycling. Also held on the same route is a Fondo (sportif), the Eroica featuring classic bikes. It is this Eroica which spurred the creation of the race in 2007.

The route of the Strade Bianche features white gravel roads intermingled with tarmac and many climbs. The Strade Bianche is dusty when dry and makes ‘mud people’ out of riders when wet (Giro 2010).

We have a ‘Roubaixesque’ manifesto that outlines our liking for riding on rough ground and we also follow road races that share this mantra.

Brilliant white in the summer

Concrete farm roads can get muddy

As can tarmac

We have excluded what we think is the roughest gravel in the area; reflecting the Strade Bianche all sections should be rideable on a road bike (be much more careful than if you ride on a CX, gravel or MTB). We suggest fitting as wide a tyre as possible on your road bike. It will be wise to pack spare tubes in case of punctures.

If wet and muddy the lack of clearance on a road bike may mean a few stops to clean off any possible mud build up.

A cyclo cross or gravel bike is ideal whilst a MTB will be cool on the rougher stuff, but it may slow you down on the tarmac.

My bike.


Achtung/Take Note
The Gö Strade Bianche is a suggested cycle tour route and not a race or a contest, should you choose to follow our description or a GPS of the outlined route you do so at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to ride in a safe and in a comfortable manner suited to your own estimated skill or fitness level.

Die Gö Strade Bianche ist ein Routenvorschlag für eine Fahradtour und kein Rennen oder Wettkampf. Solltest Du Dich dafür entscheiden, unserer Tourbeschreibung oder einem GPS der beschriebenen Route zu folgen, tust Du dies auf eigene Gefahr.

Du bist selbst dafür verantwortlich, entsprechend Deinem Können und Fitness-Niveau, so zu radeln, wie Du es Dir zutraust.

Want to ride it?
This is an informal ride and a suggested route only. If you would like to ride it with us do make contact. Or of course you may ride it at your own time and if you do, it would be great to hear from you –

DE HomeENG Home – Manifest Video/Links  – GalerieGutingi Rides

30km Route40km Route56km Route (DE)56km Route 76km RouteVISTA Tour (52km)

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