9 Euro Day Trip – August 26 2022 Tourism

The plan was to make use of our nine Euro rail ticket and visit Hannover, but the train was delayed because of a defect, and we opted to go instead to Kassel as that train was scheduled to leave much sooner.

Hann Münden

On board the train we decided spontaneously to jump off to visit Hann Münden a town first mentioned in 1183 records, but which dates back even further. This small town is built at the point where the Werra and Fulda Rivers meet and flow into the Weser. Water dominates the city and high-water marks from previous floods give you a sense of the power of water. The 1943 level relates to Operation Chastise and the Dam Busters attack in the area.

Hann Münden is nice, but a clear view of most of the town is hampered by cars and vans, without this modern interruption you can get a better sense of its history. The city was almost destroyed in the awful Thirty Years War and the ruined medieval defences can be found across the built environment often integrated into new builds.


Kassel Wilhelmshöhe

It was too hot to be a tourist and so we decided to get relief on a train to Kassel getting off at Kassel Wilhelmshöhe.

Kassel Wilhelmshöhe is perched high above the city of Kassel and is park land created in the 17th Century in a mix of Italian and French Baroque with a touch of English style landscaping.

Wilhelmshöhe is an UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for a cascade of water that at times is released down from the Hercules statue atop the mountain. I am informed that this is an amazing torrent flowing over water falls and the like. The Bergpark is a fantastic place even if it’s hard to buy an ice cream amongst the water features, palace, castle follies and buildings, gardens, woodland, and grasslands.

Although we didn´t make it to the top to the Hercules Statue we nonetheless could enjoy the amazing view into Kassel.

We next jumped on a bus with our flexible ticket to central Kassel, but we ran out of steam having been roasted by the sun. We went home with a wish to return to take a further look at downtown Kassel.


Best Laid Plans
We wanted to make use of our nine Euro rail ticket and visit Hannover, but the train was delayed because of a defect. Train delays in German are common after 15 years of neglect and the popularity of the nine Euro ticket has tested the system as millions have taken to the trains. What the ticket has also shown is how great a flexible ticket is which can be used on all regional public transport (trains, buses, trams etc).

Later the rail systems precarious nature was shown again by an overcrowded train, more delays because of defects and sadly a potential suicide and then as we got home by a medical emergency on the line all of which shut us down for lengthy periods.

Hann Münden Gallery

Kassel Wilhelmshöhe Gallery