Gö PRBX – October 8 2020 Gravel/Stein/Road Tour

I rode the Gö PRBX route in the rain as part of my recovery from having two of my Wisdom Teeth extracted.

A cycle ride based upon the Hainberg overlooking the German city of Göttingen featuring gravel, forest trails, Panzerweg, Kopfsteinpflaster (Cobbles), some use of public roads and importantly gnarly Befestigter Waldweg (Reinforced wild road).

My local ´Flanders´ climb of the Zieten Terrace (Main picture) felt tough and the sections of wet mud encountered saw me having to dab a foot down a few times to stay upright.

The bike was equipped with Vittoria Pave 28mm tyres and concentration was required on the wet stein, gravel or mud. This made the ride mentally challenging.

A ride made up of a circuit approx. 15km in distance

Befestigter Waldweg inc. Gravel, Panzerweg and Stein: 21.8km
STEIN! and STEIN!!: 6.2km (Gnarly stone)
Kopfsteinpflaster: 2.2km. (Public Road)
Asphalt: 6.8km. (Public Roads)

Total Distance: 31km (2 Circuits)

The Ride
Garmin: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/5653319732
Strava:  https://www.strava.com/activities/4171746820

Links: Gö Stein PRBX Tour

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