November 2022 Rides

A page featuring galleries and links for cycle tours undertaken during November 2022.

I ride regularly, and I do not necessarily post a web page for each tour I do.

I do post to Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and occasionally to Komoot and Instagram.

Monthly Tours

A Taste of Rospuutto in Gö – November 30 2022 Gravel Ride

Schlammzeit in Gö and this ride has its own page with more words and pictures.

Forest Therapy in Gö – November 27 2022 Hike

Falling poorly with Covid came as a surprise and it was interesting, as in the ancient Chinese curse – ´may you live in interesting times`.

Covid wasn´t pleasant and it can play some sneaky tricks upon your mind. Thankfully I´m now on the road to wellness.

3km – Post hike my legs feel hollow.

Today was the first of advent, the radio is playing carols and the Gö Xmas Market has been open for a week- I´m up for it!!

On Strava:


Gö Strade Bianche 40km Party Ride – November 13 2022

The Falling Leaves Series continued on November 13 in Gottingen with the short Gö Strade ridden in good comradeship on a sunny Herbst day.

Congratulations to Sandra for claiming a QOM and Konstantin seems to have taken a handful of Local Legend status from me…

A Brevet Karte for all and a hot chocolate or coffee to enjoy in the P-Café.

On Strava:

Gö Strade Brevet Karte:
Gö Strade Communique:

Peace Ride in Gö – November 11 2022 Gravel Ride

The eleventh of November is Armistice Day marking the end of the First World War.

My mind on this bike ride was focussed on a war not fought.

This ride has a page of its own.

Ride of the Fallen Leaves in Gö, 72km Feldweg Omloop – November 6 2022 ´Road´ Ride

My longest ride since my fall in May! This was a GPS setting ride and it has its own page.

Last Forage of 2022 in Gö – November 2 2022 Gravel Ride

Fruit can fall at separate times and many of the usual sites on our gravel rides were empty or littered with rotting pears and apples.

We thought we might not be in luck it now being November, but we did find a few trees that had dropped their fruit a little later.

We had success! Though it might be our last forage of the year.

On Strava:

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