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Schließ´ die Augen und stell Dir vor, Du seist in der Toskana, und mach´ sie erst am Ende der Radtour wieder auf.

Gö Gravel (Previously Gö Strade Bianche) is an informal group, there is no central committee and, rather it’s a simple collective of friendly-minded cyclists.

We do not hold formal led tours/events, instead we notify people about social rides because we enjoy riding with others and seeing new faces. You can choose to follow our wheels or not and we yours.

Our first notified rides began at the end of the summer of 2022 when we rode mid-week evenings (see fotos below) and we are now active at the weekends as well.

Our thinking is to be inclusive, to enjoy riding our bikes and we have a no-drop way of thinking.

You will need to ride a tough bike and tyres for most of the trails we enjoy.

John´s German is rubbish, and that´s why this is written in English, but other friends within (and out) the group are quite good at speaking the local language.

Whether you speak German, English or with another tongue please get in touch. The Gö Internazionale might be keen for a spontaneous ride!


Next Ride/Info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1094656131155383
Strava: https://www.strava.com/clubs/581219
Komoot: https://www.komoot.com/collection/

Lust mitzuradeln?
Dies soll eine informelle Radtour sein, und wir schlagen nur Treff und Route vor. Wer immer Interesse hat, möge uns bitte kontaktieren (https://veloklubhaus.com/contact/).

Achtung/Take Note
The Gö Gravel Rides are suggested routes for a bike tour and not a race or competition. Should you decide to follow our tour description or a GPS of the route described, you do so at your own risk.

You are responsible for cycling as you think you can, according to your ability and fitness level.

Die Gö Gravel Rides sind vorgeschlagene Strecken für eine Fahrradtour und kein Rennen oder Wettbewerb. Sollten Sie sich entscheiden, unserer Tourenbeschreibung oder einem GPS der beschriebenen Route zu folgen, tun Sie dies auf eigene Gefahr.

Sie sind für das Radfahren verantwortlich, wie Sie es für möglich halten, entsprechend Ihren Fähigkeiten und Ihrem Fitnessniveau.

Party Ride Gallery (not a complete list)

Slippy Gö Strade Bianche 56km – March 26 2023

Plus from Josh Schenk

Gö Gravel Love of Mud Social Ride – Peace Ride – March 19 2023

Gö Gravel Love of Mud Strade Bianche – 40km+ – March 5 2023

Plus from Josh Schenk

Gö Gravel Het Volk Omloop – A Love of Mud Party Ride – February 19, 2023

Gö Gravel – For the Love of Mud Winter Series – Let´s Rock – January 15 2023

Love of Mud Winter Series – Post-Christmas Dransfelder Ramp – December 27, 2022

Love of Mud Winter Series – West Side Schnee Ride in Gö – December 17, 2022

Herbst Falling Leaves Series – Gö Strade Bianche 40km Party Ride – November 13, 2022.

Herbst Falling Leaves Series – All Along the Watchtower – October 23, 2022.

Herbst Falling Leaves Series – Gö Strade Bianche 30km West Side Story Party Ride – October 6 2022 Gravel/Road.

Gö Strade Bianche 40km Party Ride – September 22 2022 Gravel/Road.

Gö Strade Bianche Rides

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