Some Like It Hot in Gö – June 17 2021 Gravel Ride

Some Like it Hot, wie der Film andeutet und wo könnte man besser sein als in einem deutschen Wald.


Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemon liked it hot in the movie of that name and today temperatures were at above 30 degrees. So, where better to go than to a lake or into a German forest, we did the latter for a good part of this ride.

Once over the Hainberg Forest and hill, we rode the wonderful and long steady climb of the Bratental up to Nikolausberg (superfast going down but you might have to bunny hop occasionally) before spinning our way via the Rieswarte to the Burg Plesse.

After the castle we emerged out of the forest via Bovenden riding down into the Leine Valley where it was hot! A few minutes under a shady tree by the Kiessee Lake soon cooled us down and it was then home for chilled non-alcoholic beer followed by afternoon tea of Scones, cream, and strawberry jam.

The Ride – 37km
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