Scouting a Long Gö Strade Bianche – June 15 2021 Gravel/Road Ride

I freestyled my way out to the old DDR border at the Dreilländereck where the federal states of Lower Saxony, Hesse, and Thuringia meet.

It was a good opportunity to consider that Lower Saxony is 75 years old this year and was created by the Allies post World War Two in what was a huge shake up in international and national boundaries. Previously the area that is now Lower Saxony had been administered by differing regimes including the Hanoverians, Hessians and Prussians over the centuries.

The aim of this ride was not just to have fun riding the almost white roads of the area, but also to check out a section which I wish to include in a ´long´ version of the Gö Strade Bianche. This adds three cool sections of white roads, with one bit being the now lost Arenshausen to Friedland Railway from 1876. And, because this route is meant to mimic the road race set in Tuscany it´s OK to add some smooth asphalt roads.

The long route now includes a western extension, and it also now ventures deeper south along the Leiner Valley.

As ever crossing freely three internal state lines and a now defunct international border is pleasing! At the old DDR border many of the villages – Niedergandern, Kirchgandern and Hohengandern, reference a Goose taking flight. Piquing my interest is that there is no Groß Gandern, this name is given to Gądków Wielki in Poland when prior to 1945 it was part of Germany.

The Ride – 53km and 19 Gravel sectors.

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