Mehr Kuchen in Gö – June 13 2021 Gravel Ride

Super begehbare Schotterwege, blühende Frühlingsblumen und Kuchen! Wunderbar!!!

Wonderful! I rolled out of my home and five minutes later I was on the gravel unlike my years living in Central London.

Finally, the late blooming spring flowers are coming to life bringing colour to the white roads of Göttingen.

We rode sections of what became a staple lunch time ride with Gunnar Fehlau after we first moved to live in Germany, and he showed us our first trails. Now, with greater knowledge of the area we added a few twists and turns to the route, plus there was an extra hill with a following descent below the Gleichen Hills through a muddy bog, a place where the sun does not reach.

We were rewarded with cake at the Historischen Spinnerei Gartetal –

The Ride – 39km.
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