First Café Cake of 2021 in Gö – June 11 2021 Road Ride

Unsere erste Tortenfahrt seit Sommer 2020 und auf einer sanften Tour haben wir Gänseaugen-Kuchen gegessen. Hurray!

There is no ´Freedom Day´ date from Covid lockdown given in my area of Germany rather although the infection rates are down, there is a huge concern about future threats especially the Delta (Indian) variant coming from the UK, or a combination of the Alpha (English) and Delta variant being found there.

Our incidence level continues to fall to under 13 people per 100,000 and importantly the surrounding Eichsfeld area in now at 7 having been above 200 not so long ago (as of June 10). This means that Germany is emerging from lockdown once more, as it did during the summer of 2020 only to be hit with a subsequent winter wave and then by the English variant just when again lockdown (2nd) was being eased.

My social media feeds including Strava have been showing more and more people taking coffee and cake as cafes reopen in Germany, but with hygiene protocols in place, and today it was our turn to indulge for the first time this year.

In addition, the sun is finally shining, the temperature is rather warm even when it´s raining and vaccinations are gathering apace – thus the mood is up! Or as Ian Dury would say, ´reasons to be cheerful´ or even ´hit me with that rhythm stick´….

We rode our road bikes at an easy pace with pockets stuffed with cash to buy cake at the Besenhausen Café (they have grumpy staff ala Fawlty Owls). A cool side story about this old manor farm complex is that it was occupied by the Red Army at the end of WW2 only for them to be bribed to move the border up the road a bit allowing it to be in the UK Zone of occupation.

We ended teh ride with a stop at the Wendebachstausee and watched as people swam in this lake.

Letter from German (covid):

The Ride – 48KM (including one section of mild gravel)

Garmin Connect:

Postscript: the rate on June 11 for the Gö area had fallen to 8.9 per 100,000 people..


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