Grusvej in Gö – June 1 2021 Gravel Ride

Eine kurze Hommage an das GP Herning ´Straße´ Radrennen Ende Mai mit 37 Kilometern Grusvej (Schotterstraße).

A short homage ride to the GP Herning ´road´ cycle race held at the end of May and which features 37 kilometres of Grusvej (gravel road).

The Ride – 33km
I started in the Hainberg Forest climbing up to the old Panzer base at Kerstlingeröder Feld where the dappled sunlight blinking through the trees was replaced by bright sunshine on the Panzer Platz. Then it was back into the forest for a long descent past Klein Lengden to the Garte River.

Here I climbed up and rode along high ground including the cool Kopfsteinpflaster Carousel and descended via a public road which led me to a glorious stretch of betonweg to Reinhausen. Once more I had to climb over the high ground before I found a great gravel downhill section into the Leine Valley. The rest was a nicely contrived mixture of gravel which is almost turning white in the sun.

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