Luxury in Gö – June 3 2021 Gravel/Road Ride

Eine Schotter-, Betonweg- und Asphaltfahrt mit Ray, mit der Dransfeld Ramp und vielen Schotterstrecken.

We mixed asphalt, betonweg and gravel on this ride meeting Ray at the Leine River under a railway bridge, come graffiti art gallery.

Once assembled we headed along the Dransfeld Ramp, now a cycle route and which had previously been part of a train line from Gö to Kassel. After we turned off the ramp, we allowed whimsy to lead us along several gravel sectors and back to the Leine where we bid our goodbyes.

Riding with others had become a luxury during the Covid Pandemic and today it was so good to ride with Ray and Andrea.

Gravel to Mengershausen, Göttingen –

The Ride – 43km
Garmin Connect:


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