Not SAD in Gö – November 22 2020 Road Ride

Kurze Tage – kurze Fahrten, dann ist es die Winter Equinox.

36km/2+Std Asphaltfahrt – Geismar, Klein Lengden, Diemarden (foto), Reinhausen, Groß Schneen, Klein Schneen, Dramfeld, Volkeröde und Nedernejsa.

Up until the Winter Equinox on December 21 the daylight hours will be getting ever shorter but from thereon (and Christmas a few days later) we can then look forward to seeing less darkness.

During this countdown to the start of winter, I will be staying close to home. I will enjoy the adventures to be had from riding for shorter periods than I do in the Spring or Summer and this ride fits the bill perfectly. I also like to be home before the darkness envelopes me (although I do carry lights).

It was fun to say hello to Josh Shenk on route who was out building his base kilometres for 2021.

For me, the short daylight hours at this time of the year are a pain if something I am thankfully able to overcome. I do feel sad for the up to 3% of the German population (that´s a lot of people and similar to the UK) who´s mental health is affected because of the short days (SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder).

DW News says that the mean level of sunshine in the German Winter period is just two hours and twenty minutes per day. Some parts of Germany such as the south have a lot more sunshine than us in Göttingen in the centre of the country others less.

From December 21 and the start of Winter the day time hours become longer and things begin to pick up, and once we are past the bleak mid-Winter (Late January/February) there is Spring to look forward too and then I will ride along trails lined by spring flowers. That latter thought does make me happy.

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Ride
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