Strade Bianche riding with Josh in Gö – November 19 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

Göttingen hat heute viele “weiße Straßen” Josh Schenk und ich sind ein paar Abschnitte gefahren.

Ich habe mich für 28-mm-Vittoria-Pave-Reifen entschieden, als ich als Profi-Rennfahrer bei der italienischen Strade Bianchi oder Paris Roubaix gespielt habe.

Riding with road tyres on the white roads of Göttingen is tough but fun!

I rode a pair of 28mm Vittoria Pave tyres once a must have if you wanted to do well at PRBX or the Flandrian Spring Classics. The 28s made the ride visceral in nature.

Josh was in cruise mode (and foraged for apples and flowers) whilst I fought for every pedal turn we both shared the adventure of playing like pro-racers along the Leine Valley switching between varied surfaces.

Riding on slicks required a huge degree of concentration especially when wet.


The Ride
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