Precipitation Chase – July 2 2020 Road Ride

We crossed the valley and were able to make out our house on the other side. This is a small pleasure upon which a life is built.

We spotted a small group of sunflowers in a field, the first of the season although I did not picture them.

The ride included Jühnde Castle and then via Bisenhausen where once stood the Iron Curtain.

Overhead rain clouds were building, and we wondered would we get wet, thankfully we ate our Goosegog Cake in the dry and then took a short cut home keeping ahead of a rain front that caught us at our door. Hooray!

I was able to spot a few new gravel roads to be included in a stretched version of the Gutingi Strade Bianche.


The Ride
Garmin Connect:

Where once the Iron Curtain stood

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