Tacking is Not an Option – June 27 2020 Road/Gravel Ride

I explored new roads (to me) and photographed sections of gravel for an extended version of the Gutingi Strade Bianche.

My aim was to ride a few sections of gravel (7) and mostly road, I had expected a possible heavy rainstorm or two, although this did not come to pass and I would have welcomed it in the heat of the day. What I hadn´t planned for was a head wind for the final 25km.

Mariners when facing a head wind will Tack – when sailing into the wind a sailor will turn the “bow toward the wind so that the direction from which the wind blows changes from one side to the other, allowing progress in the desired direction”. Not being at sea I had two options be blown to a stop or duck my head into the wind and pedal. I opted for the latter, but it was tough!

One aspect of riding public roads (which tend to be quiet for the most part here) is that you can see the lay of the land well from them as they go village to village etc. and you can note in your head trails and smaller roads spotted on route for further reference. Once you have downloaded your ride you can look at the route and see how it connects.

I can also see why Göttingen University has a strong Geology Department because there are some great rocks here.

It was good to see members of the Tuspo cycling club out riding.

The Ride
Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/5153453934
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/3679177162

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