Zwei Burgen Tour – June 20 2020 Road Ride

On the longest day of the year I set out across the Leine Valley to Jühnde Castle and then back across the valley to venture into Thuringia at the State Line with Niedersachsen where once stood the Iron Curtain.

Returning to my home state I climbed up to the Gleichen Castle, not to the top as the last bit is gravel and my legs hurt by then.

On this tour:
I crossed the Leine River twice.
I crossed the regional railway line twice.
I crossed the ICE main line train line once.
I went over or under an Autobahn four times.
I crossed the State line twice.

The 83km ride featured several climbs with four significant ascents and descents. The descent from Jühnde is magical being on a fast, smooth silk like surface.

The long climb from Göttingen to Jühnde is part of the route of the annual Tour de Energie hence there was some nice graffiti that had urged riders onward.

Back to gravel next ride with the hope that the trails have dried out. (there was a short section on this tour)

The Ride
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