Scouting All Along the Watchtower 6 – March 1, 2020 Gravel Hike

OK, don´t tell anyone that I scouted a section of All Along the Watchtower on foot, but in my defence, it was hard on the legs and the terrain was challenging at times. Despite no pedals to turn I must admit it was fun.

What was cool is that I found another warte, this being the Wartbergswarte or Zingel der Warte, this is the sixth I have identified of eleven medieval watchtowers and customs posts to be visited on a proposed gravel ride. I think I won’t look for anymore and I just need two more scouting trips, then I will ride the full route (90km+).

All that is left of the Wartbergswarte are earthworks and a modern representative wall with a tree growing through the middle where once a tower stood.

From today’s walk I have mapped out a new route in my head that is better and means the Zingel der Warte can be included and this is good because you can see the Roringer Warte from here. If there were no trees you could also see the Rosdorfer Warte on the Warteberg across the valley. (visited the day before by bike).

The Ride
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