Scouting All Along the Watchtower 5 – February 29, 2020 Gravel/Road Tour

The sun was shining for a second day and we needed no coaxing to ride again to enable us to soak up the warmth to help recovery from a bug.

The proposed All Along the Watchtower gravel ride has taken yet another new turn with the possible introduction of the Rosdorf Warte atop the Wartberg. This means we have photographed five of eleven watchtowers (warte) which once guarded the approaches to Göttingen. Three still stand and are on the intended route whilst others such as the Wartberg only the earth works (a tree grows where the tower once was) remain.

The views across the valley include the Gleichen Castles plus three other watchtowers and Göttingen itself showing that it was an important medieval strong point.

There is some cool single track on the Wartberg and it would be a great place to train for cyclo cross.

5 warten down 6 to go… I may not include all on the ride but if they work to make for a good route then they will be included.

Maybe a visit to the library is in order

Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 1
Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 2
Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 3
Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 4

The Ride
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