Shake a stick – February 6 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

We rode out of Lower Saxony into Thuringia on a cold day in more ways than one for the former East German state.

This must have been a recovery ride for Josh Schenk who has plans for some great rides in 2020 and he led us out to the old internal border which is now marked by a line of trees with all the totalitarian infrastructure removed.

Reading the sign at the old Internal Grenze recalled to me the heady days when the border came down and people had such enthusiasm. Shame that so many of the people of Thuringia have seemingly turned their backs on this.

Several wonderful descents chilled us on route but put all together it was a warm pedal.

And two elder ladies walking in the road waved their sticks at us because we didn´t have our bike lights on in the middle of the day, my first silliness from pedestrians for a long time. It was quite funny, if a bit sad.

The Ride
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