Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 2 – February 4 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

After the steady ascent of the cobbled climb through the Zieten Terrace (nee barracks) I began where I left off scouting a gravel ride that features local castles and watchtowers etc.

Last time I visited the Grona (now just a monument stone) and the almost intact Plesse Burge (castles) plus the Dreckwarte and Die Rieswarte watchtowers. Not forgetting the Göttingen city walls.

This ride I started at the Kehr atop the Hainberg Forest taking in Kesterlingroder Feld, this was until recently a place where Chieftain, Tigers and Leopards roamed having been a NATO Panzer base.

I found a way that would get me across Kesterlingroder Feld and in the direction of the Gleichen Hills where each once had a castle perched on top. At 10km, at the chapel I deviated home and off the intended Watchtower route.

Also, on route I went past the lost Gartetal railway station (now a house) near the historic Spinnerei Gartetal.

At one point it was quite sobering to ride up a descent that I normally come down at 50kph.

Next time: A long climb to the castle ruins at the Gleichen´s!

The Ride
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