October 2022 Rides

A page featuring galleries and links for cycle tours undertaken during October 2022.

I ride regularly, and I do not necessarily post a web page for each tour I do.

I do post to Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and occasionally to Komoot and Instagram.

Monthly Tours

The Gö Internazionale go for Coffee in Gö – October 30 2022 Gravel Ride

The Gö Internazionale (Previously the International Brigade) rode out from the Velodrome following a freestyle route to partake in coffee at Besenhausen to the south of Göttingen nestled up close to Thuringia and the defunct DDR border.

At the meeting point of three states, the Dreilländerstein and once an international border, Tim managed to fall off his bike in Lower Saxony, touched the soft earth in Hesse and, rolled into and theatrically stood up in Thuringia.

Sections of the Gö Strade Bianche featured strongly on the ride.

We did not stop at the Michelin starred Biewald Restaurant in Friedland, maybe another day.

We were lucky to enjoy and an amazingly warm Herbst day.

On show were Renee and Tim´s (https://thruhikers.co/) brand new Bockstein Mauerweg bikes (love the name – https://bockstein.bike/).

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/8043677417

All Along the Watchtower Ride of the Falling Leaves – October 23 2022 Gravel Ride

The Gö Strade Bianche, All Along the Watchtower, Ride of the Falling Leaves social ride visited the abandoned Medieval Watchtowers of Göttingen. Once places of life, death, and taxes but now lost or are romantic ruins.

We met at the P-Café and rode a hard route featuring climbs amounting to 700 metres of elevation and many tough trails.

All Along the Watchtower: EnglishDeutsche

The Ride – 50km
Gravel: 33.70km
Farm roads/cycle paths: 12.3km
Public roads: 4.0km

Warte on Tour
1 Wartbergswarte (Zingel der Warte)
2 Die Rieswarte
3 Roringer Warte (Berwinkelswarte)
4 The Kehr/Hainholz Warte (Lost/Hat verloren)
5 Diemardener Warte
6 Weinzenbergwarte (Lost/Hat verloren)
7 Rosdorfer Warte (Wartburg)
8 Dreckwarte

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/8008135320

Thinking Chemin de Vignes on Gö 40km Feldweg Omloop – October 19 2022

This was a GPS setting ride and it has its own page.

4 Warte Tour in Gö – October 17 2022 Gravel Ride

We visited the Diemardener Warte, Rosdorfer Warte (Wartburg), the Weizenbergwarte, and the Dreckwarte on this tour.

In the past a Warte could be a matter of life, death and taxes.

The wetter was Schon at 20 plus.

All the Warte feature on All Along the Watchtower.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7977568873

Foraging with Sandra and Josh in Gö – October 9 2022 Gravel Ride

At this time of the year the Leine Valley is rich with the fruits of the earth.

The bounty falls from the trees, and we pick it up whilst leaving so much for the critters who may also be interested.

And there were mushrooms (where I mentioned social drugs).

Danke to Sandra and Josh for the fun.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7937108965

Gö Strade Bianche 30km West Side Story Party Ride – October 6 2022 Gravel/Road

The second social ride and we rode the West Side Story route held to the southwest of Göttingen.

No Jets or Sharks but keeping it westside.

Beim zweiten Social Ride fuhren wir die West Side Story Route südwestlich von Göttingen ab.

Keine Jets oder Sharks, aber es bleibt auf der Westseite.

19 Gravel sektors – 15km + three extra
Betonweg/Feldweg/Cycle paths – 12.37km
Strasse/public road – 3.2km

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7922025068

Foraging in Gö – October 4 2022 Gravel/Road Ride

Pears fell upon us, we picked them up, and did the same with nuts and apples.

A sunshine filled day mixing asphalt feldweg, Betonweg and gravel.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7910226022

Gö Feldweg Omloop 54km – October 2 2022 ´Road´ Ride

This was a GPS setting ride with its own page.

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