Thinking Chemin de Vignes on Gö 40km Feldweg Omloop – October 19 2022 Road Ride

Feldweg Home

Not drinking it but thinking about wine on this ride. The Feldweg Omloop is a homage to road race classics which are not confined to asphalt.

Paris Tours (Oct 9) features 9 gravel sectors through the vineyards of France.

This is the short Gö Feldweg Omloop. The previous route featured a section of cobbles at Obernjesa, but this has been removed after receiving feedback that it was confusing to have to ride through a hidden section of single track heavily encrouched by plantlife.

A flavour of the chemin de vignes

The Göttingen area isn´t France but nonetheless there are vineyards to be found between Elliehausen and Lenglern plus elsewhere. Additionally, a group of people of Göttingen run a vineyard in the Moselle and market their wine as Göttinger Liesel.

Nicht trinken, sondern auf dieser Fahrt an Wein denken. Der Feldweg Omloop ist eine Hommage an Straßenrennklassiker, die nicht auf Asphalt beschränkt sind.

Paris Tours (9. Okt.) bietet 9 Schottersektoren durch die Weinberge Frankreichs.

Dies ist der kurze Gö Feldweg Omloop.

The route held over 41.02km features 34.62km of Feldweg (asphalt), Betonweg and cycle paths.

Feldweg Asphalt and Concrete/Cycle paths – 34.62km
4 Kopfsteinpflaster Sektors – 1.2km
6 Feldweg Gravel Sektors – 3.4
1 Ribinou/grün weg – 0.4km
Strasse/Public Road – Asphalt and open to cars etc – 6.4km

Gö Feldweg Omloop:

The Ride
Garmin Connect:

Feldweg Home

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