February 2022 Rides

A page featuring galleries and links for cycle tours undertaken during February 2022.

I ride regularly, and I do not necessarily post a web page for each tour I do.

I do post to Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and occasionally to Komoot and Instagram.

I over did it a wee bit in January taking on some rides in very cold and wet conditions – it wore me out. For February I intend to take it easier…

Main picture is by Tim Beissinger taken on the February 5 tour.

Monthly Tours

Scouting the Gö Dirty Omloop 2 – February 27 2022 Road/Gravel Ride

An evil bitterly cold easterly wind sucked the stamina out of my body nonetheless the sun shone as we scouted an eastern section of the Gö Dirty Omloop.

We rode to Reinhausen, then onto the forest concrete road to Bremke. Here we took more farm/forest roads over the Gleichen Hills, whilst stopping at the memorial to the Knights of Gleichens. Onward we descended via Gelliehausen to Benniehausen and then home along the Gartelbahn cycle path which includes a section of Ribinou (Breton farm road) and gravel.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6726967161

Scouting the Gö Dirty Omloop 1 – February 23 2022 Road/Gravel Ride

After a week off the bike because of a spate of storms that have ravaged the area, I went scouting and taking photos for the Gö Dirty Omloop.

I very much like the long asphalt and gravel climb through and beyond the village of Volkerode which is followed by a mighty descent off the high ground overlooking Göttingen.

It was warm, sunny, and dry! I didn´t get home frozen!


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6726967161

Aliens at the Border in Gö – February 12 2022 Farm roads/Asphalt/Gravel Ride

Modern Central Germany is now a place where aliens can pedal across borders with ease (with a few huffs and puffs), and we included on our ride a visit to a demarcation that was once one of the most dangerous in the World.

We rode out from the Gö Velodrome along the Leine Valley mixing asphalt, gravel, cycle paths and farmers roads. Thankfully the Leine ´Mistral´ was not blowing its usual cold breath with any real venom and the sun shone.

Our ride saw us enter the State of Hesse for a short period, here we did not have to pay tribute or tax unlike our predecessors might have done. Returning to Lower Saxony we continued onto Bisenhausen to the old East German Border where much of the infrastructure of the militarised ´Antifascist Barrier´ has been removed. Signs help set the scene of the period from 1945 to 1989 as does the surviving British Army customs shed and hidden in the undergrowth is an abandoned East German observation bunker.

At Bisenhausen we dipped our toes into the German State of Thuringia once part of East Germany.

Bisenhausen (the café is open!!!) is one of many farm estates in the area and it is now owned by Göttingen University, legend tells us that when the Red Army occupied it in 1945, they were bribed to leave and halt their ambitions at Kirchgandern a kilometre away.

On route home we passed Friedland, where the occupying British built a transit camp and over two million refugees passed through it after World War Two and it remains in use to this day.

P.S we were chaperoned by one and a half Germans.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6672302215

You must ride the Kopfsteinpflaster in Gö (Its law) – February 10 2022 Farm Roads/Pave/Gravel Ride

This 57-kilometre route is familiar to me, but this time I rode it in reverse meaning more climbing and featuring: –

Five kopfsteinpflaster sectors – no sneaking onto the asphalt!
Three gravel sectors.
One Ribinou sector (Breton word for grassy farm path).
Asphalt/Concrete farm roads.
Cycle paths.

A small amount of public road open to cars etc.

It was a dry and warmish day at plus 7!!!!!

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6661570303

Things are looking up in Gö – February 5 2022 Farm Asphalt/Gravel Ride

It´s been a hard winter! But today it stopped raining, the sun shone, and all was good, well except for the Leine Valley ´Mistral´ which can freeze a fish finger in an instant. (The Mistral plus the Sirocco and the Föhn are warm winds)

Tim, Craig Lee Johnson, Andrea, Josh Schenk, and myself, rode 44km of a mix of gravel and asphalt farm roads.

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