Not Cringy in Gö – November 1 2021 Road Ride

I had no reason to cringe (or cringy) on my ride this day, nor did I have cause to be Sus (suspect). In addition, I did not feel lost, the latter in the context of feeling discombobulated, also, I had no reason to express Sheesh (disbelief).

Having grown up in England all these words are common to me and now they are popular with young Germans who in a recent poll placed Cringe first. I assume that Cringe works better than fremdschämen (second-hand embarrassment) in German.

I note the most popular word for 2021 in the UK regardless of age is Vax.

My ride was free of all such issues, and I chose to pedal my road bike as I am having a rest from washing my gravel machine (my ride of October 14 was a mudfest!). 

Today, I found the small asphalt farm roads I like to take were akin to gravel featuring leaves and mud spread by farmers whilst harvesting plus run off from the fields creating an ice like layer of mud.

It was a challenge at times on my slick road tyres and it would have been super tricky if it had been wet, more so than if I had ridden gravel and I now need to wash my bike…

The Ride – 53Km
Garmin Connect:

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