Window of Opportunity vor Goosegog Kuchen in Gö – July 10 2021 Gravel/Road Ride


Heute regnet es nicht und so haben wir dieses Zeitfenster genutzt, um Goosegog Kuchen zu reiten.

47km – 16 gravel sektors.


It has been raining almost every day lately, but there are windows of opportunity when it remains dry and on this day, we took advantage of this to ride to Besenhausen to eat Goosegog Cake!

We rode sixteen sections of Göttingen Strade Bianche some of which we hadn´t ridden for two months.

Next week we get our second dose of Pot Belge, although it will probably be Pot Deutsch and thus, we will be winding down. After a wee rest I am eager to ride the 87k Gö Strade Bianche route and the ´long´ All Along the Watchtower. Plus, I want to complete my castles ride.

The Ride – 47km.

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