Brot in Gö – March 30 2021 Gravel/Road Ride

Brot und Wilhelm Busch feierten auf dieser Fahrt.

Brot and Wilhelm Busch celebrated on this ride.

The Ride
We started with the cobbled climb of Zieten Terrace, onto Panzerweg to the high ground of Kesterlingrodefeld and then we dropped down a great gravel trail to Mackenrode where we rode a silky-smooth asphalt road to Waake (the sight of a WW2 B17 crash).

It was then a mix of asphalt and gravel to Ebergötzen, where there is the European Brot (bread) Museum ( which is surrounded by windmills, medieval houses, and is a site of industrial heritage.

Close by is the Wilhelm Busch Museum (, the creator of the Max and Moritz characters which are much loved in Germany. The museum is housed in an old mill once the home of one of the authors best friends.

Home via Landolhausen was again a mix of asphalt farm roads and gravel with a section of gravel above Groß and Klein Lengden being a highlight.

Shorts weather!!!!


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