Time Out In Gö – December 5 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

Ich nahm mir eine Auszeit von meinem Fahrrad und es war für mich von Vorteil, mich auszuruhen, nachzudenken und das Fahren zu verpassen.

Trotzdem war es großartig, wieder in die Pedale zu treten.

Ich fühlte die Kälte auf dieser Fahrt entlang des Leine-Tals.

44km – 28 gravel sectors – Gravel-Teilabschnitten.

Enforced periods of time of not cycling can be hard to cope with, but they can also be beneficial. In the last weeks I chose to stay off my bike. This spell gave me an opportunity for thought. In fact, I extended my time off because I was enjoying it.

I have seen plenty of memes saying that cycling is an escape and I find that this does not fit for me. In the book the ´Escape Artist´ author Matt Seaton writes about the illness and ultimately the death of his partner and he describes how he would ride away and take time out from the unfolding tragedy in his life, he nonetheless knew at some point he would have to turn back to face life.

Thankfully, I have never had anything close to that happening to me although I have had moments where I have attempted to escape in one form or other. After a long hard think I considered do I presently ride to escape or to fill a vacuum and am I reluctant to turn for home?

My answer to this question is that cycling is important to me, especially important but it isn´t the only thing in my life. I recall when I raced that I trained not to win but to be able to have enough stamina to race, to ride, to fall in love and follow additional interests without having my head sink if I were to fall asleep when socialising from fatigue. The present COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed contact with people etc., and although cycling has become important in this time as a form of escape I can say that in general I ride to compliment my life and not to hide behind. For this I am grateful!

If I were riding to fill a vacuum or to escape, I would not be too upset. Afterall cycling or walking in the woods (Popular now) offers huge benefits to your mental and physical health. It can help to deal with whatever life throws at you.

One thing is for sure I am so glad to have been riding this day and it is the accessible countryside so close to my home that encourages me to ride so regularly. I have found that taking a rest from your bike allows you to refocus and to recover so as not to stress your body especially in the winter where the weather can weaken your immune system. A rest from your bike can be beneficial and gives you food for thought whether you are OK about turning back for home.

Christmas will see me bathing in the glow of the candles on my tree. I wish you good mental and physical health.

The ride of 44km featured 28 sections of gravel on a coldish day. The price you pay for taking time out is that you lose a degree of fitness and I probably rode a wee bit too far.

Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/5916638076
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/4433537404

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