Talking Speed – August 30 2020 Gravel Ride

For sure we could have gone faster, especially Josh, but that wasn´t the point. We set a pace at which we could talk, be chilled and all rode our bikes as a form of recovery.

We began at the velodrome rode across the gravel farm trails into the forest and raced down the available descents. One descent is a Strava segment where the fastest time down is held by another cycling companion of us all, but he was not on this ride. Post ride we found that Josh had beaten it.

We ate kuchen at the Steinmühle Hof where the secret of Josh´s speed was revealed – two cakes!

Josh has been busy ranking high in many recent events and on this day, he was astride an amazing full suspension Cannondale, and when he and bike sprinted it was akin to a cork POPPING from a Champagne bottle.

I also noticed on this ride that it is almsot impossible to get an action shot of Craig.

Thanks Craig, Josh, and Andrea.

The Ride
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