Stoned, Nicht Roubaix – July 30 2020 Stone/Cobbles/Gravel/Road Ride

There are simply not enough cobbles (Kopfsteinpflaster) in the area to replicate the Paris Roubaix cycle race. What we do have are kilometres of Strade Bianche, then there is Befestigter Waldweg, and in addition there are concrete farm roads all of which criss-cross the area in abundance.

On this ride I went scouting for cool stone roads or Befestigter Waldweg. What I call a stone road is one made from semi-deliberately placed large stones, like being cobbled but less uniform and chunkier. Or a road that has been hacked out of rocky terrain.

Can I call these stone roads a Steinweg (not a piano, neither a Steinweg nor Steinway) or even Kopfsteinpflaster?

In contrast gravel roads are made from crushed stone spread across a surface and often compacted.

Some stone roads are old and have become a jangle of broken pieces, worn edges, crevice’s, and handlebar jarring ruts.

The ride started with the climb of Emil Nolde Weg – evil!

I think I will turn this into a circuit and ride it twice next time on my road/gravel/Roubaix machine.


The Ride
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