Chasing Bianchis – July 25 2020 Road Ride

A ride with hills to give Tom and Naomi a few ups and downs in contrast to their normal Netherlands terrain over a *Freddie Frinton route which has become one of my favourites.

I first met Tom in London over thirty years ago when he was cycle touring and today, we rode with him and his daughter Naomi. They on their Bianchi bikes.

Cake as ever was on the menu, also Tom and Naomi jumped into the lake near ride end.

(*Freddie Frinton being an icon of German comedy with his performance in Dinner for One and where he follows the same procedures as last time)


The Ride
Garmin Connect:

The sign pre-dates the fall of the Internal Border and has merely been amended with a new plate and sticker.

Pictures below by Naomi and Tom DuChatinier.

Das Route






Latest Comments

  1. spurensucher44 says:

    I thoroughly enjoy you posts on your Velo trips. On this one I would like to add that it lead you into three federal states, Lower Saxony, Thuringia, and Hesse. Not bad at all.


    • johnmx says:

      I was aware of leaving Lower Saxony and entering Thuringia when we crossed over at the old Internal Border, but I didn´t know we had entered Hesse as well. Cool! And thanks for letting me know. I feel a three state ride is in my plans.


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