Ich hasse Gartenarbeit – May 7 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

I managed four rides in April, and this was my first in May. Near the end of March I caught something which I doubt was the Covid-19 virus, and I just couldn´t get rid of it.

I had felt rotten in late March, felt better two weeks into April and then felt bad once more. Obviously, I did not give myself time to recover the first time and I paid the price. Unable to ride my bike I took up gardening – Ich hasse Gartenarbeit (I hate gardening).

On this ride I took it easy not wanting to repeat my foolish ways and it was very tough!

Good local trails starting in the Hainberg Forest, across the old Panzer base at Kerstlingeröder Feld and then into the Leine Valley. My Rene Herse Cycles 40mm gravel tyres soaked up the rough stuff giving my body some respite.

I note that the white Spargel (Asparagus) is in the fields.

The Ride
Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/4895759095
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/3413371942

Note: As part of my recovery from illness I rode this route with modifications a number of other times.

Ein bisschen weiterMay 14, 2020
Fehlende DingeMay 10, 2020 on Strava

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

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