Scouting All Along the Watchtower Final (10) – March 25 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

A final scouting ride for the All Along the Watchtower ride (number 10) started in the Hainberg Forest and then I rode along the old medieval city wall (starting at the closed theatre) to pick up the start of the intended ride at 4.3km. The route will start at the Jewish Memorial dedicated to those murdered by the Nazi regime. (pictured is just one of five panels listing the victims)

The ride was to take pictures and of course to enjoy a pedal. Out with me were many others including families (lots of children on bikes), households and people enjoying the sunshine in twos. All I got all ride were smiles and appreciative nods as I stopped or slowed to give space to children.

In Germany there is no stigma about being out if you stick to the agreed and clearly stated rules. I note in the UK there is much talk about staying at home.

All playgrounds have been closed for about two weeks now and some, not all are taped off.

The opening section of the All Along the Watchtower ended at 22 kilometres and I rode back whence I came (sort of). The ride included the Dreckwarte, Wartberg (watchtowers) and the Berg Grona (castle).

The Wartberg features some great single track and would make a fantastic cyclo cross training spot and the Berg Grona has some cool sections that a MTBer might appreciate.

This was the final scouting session and next time I will ride the route in full – this features the city wall, seven watchtowers and two castles. There is a lot of climbing to cover and cool downhills to enjoy on a ride of approximately 90km.

Once the CoVid-19 pandemic is over I will pedal it.

The Ride
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