Two Warte Ride – March 19 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

Almost everything is closed here in Germany because of the Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping the world and many are working from home or just having no work. Lots of people are taking their children for a walk or cycle or like me riding bikes. Most seem happy to be social distancing, but I fear that unless all do what´s required then there will be a lock down (curfew).

Apart from riding my bike I am not going out other than to shop (I bought toilet roll today) and I am not mixing with friends/people in groups or in confined spaces.

On this ride (Scouting All Along the Watchtowers 9) I stayed close to home, rode within myself physically and very much inside my skills comfort zone. The first to avoid compromising my immune system and the latter because I do not want to add to the workload of a health worker who is already working a long shift often having to wear protective gear for hour upon hour.

From kilometre 15 to 24, I rode a section of my proposed All Along the Watchtower gravel ride. I rode passed two medieval warter today, one marked by a tree and a modern wall and the other completely rubbed out atop the Hainberg at the Kehr. In Medieval times I would have been able to see seven of these watchtowers at certain points on this tour.

The Ride
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