Mad Dogs etc. Ride and Gunnar’s Serotta Monster Cross – July 23 2019

Once more Gunnar Fehlau and I went out like ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen in the mid-day sun’ for a quick lunchtime ride (30 plus being the temperature).

We zipped along although Gunnar had to be patient with me on the climbs and the gravel descents as my battered ribs still do make me go ‘oooh’.

Gunnar’s choice for this gravel and tarmac 40km’s was to ride his ‘monster cross’ built originally by master craftsman Ben Serotta as a mountain bike some ten years ago. Gunnar more recently decided to build it into a bike for the fearsome Grenzsteintrophy and has been ridden on that twice a few years back.

So look out for a titanium MTB from a few years ago (Gunnar says they are at a good price right now) and build your own monster cross.

This was a cool ride on a hot day, danke Gunnar.

The Ride: No ride GPS but about 40km in total ridden.

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

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