Best Intentions – May 29 2019

Despite my best intentions to go for a road ride I ended up including gravel, concrete Panzer Weg and cobbles.

A quick post tummy bug spin taking in lots of quiet tarmac close to home was my thinking, but like many best laid plans I went off script. I knew that I would be crossing a few bits of gravel to link up the tarmac I opted for a pair of Vittoria UK Pave 28s as these fit my road frame. My winter bike is now almost a vintage Roubaix and has a set of Challenge Tyres Roubaix’s which I love, but they won’t fit on my summer road machine.

The tarmac road was great fun and it was cool to ride upon the black stuff after so many gravel excursions as it really does give you a sense of movement. The road I chose across Kerstlingeröder Feld slinked up and down through the Goettingen Wald although it ended at a forest work depot, I then could have turned back… no, ever forward and this meant a five kilometre 45KPH plus gravel descent which tested my body, bike and my mind.

Equally tiring for what should have been a simple 25 kilometre ride was that it included some good climbs which did make me suffer a bit.

Home was back almost the way I came and at times a 30KPH descent through the kopfsteinpflaster laced Zieten Kaserne (now Terrace) that reminded me of riding the Paris Roubaix pave.

Post ride my hands are tired from the battering on the two fast descents,

The ride:

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

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