‘Into the Valley’… The Mole Valley that is

Riding out from London and over the North Downs and into the Mole Valley has been part of my staple cycling diet, sadly the last time I rode here was in the late summer of 2017. Today, June 26, 2018 I rode into the valley again.

Combining the stresses and strains of the North Downs Surrey climbs with the ride out from London and then being able to stretch the legs on the undulating Mole Valley roads, well known to many who compete in Surrey League road races (the biggest race league in the world I believe), was always a great ride and a good challenge.

This time I avoided the London ride out by taking the train to Dorking on the Waterloo line. I avoided Box Hill and went via Pixham, over the North Downs by riding Punchbowl Lane, a good hill which has a slight tinge of the South Tirol about it so I call it ‘the Little Tirol’.

Then its fast down Tilehurst and past Scammels Farm which gets pretty dirty after the rains have fallen, then over the River Mole, through Brockham (famous for hosting a huge bonfire on November 5), tea and buns at the community shop at Strood Green before heading towards Leigh (‘lay’ if a local and ‘lee’ if an outsider) before hitting New Digate with a great descent (a climb known to Surrey League riders) before a stop under the oak tree at Fourwents Pond. Then it’s back where I came and over the ‘Little Tirol’ to Pixham (which is a great name for a place).

Surrey is one of the most prosperous areas in Britain and probably the world, but the roads are full of potholes! No doubt because I’m wired wrongly I also go looking for gravel and there is a stretch off Hogspudding Lane onto Cudworth Lane – Burnt Oak Lane.

The Little Tirol

Turn left off Punchbowl Lane

Ride it at your peril when wet! Scammels Farm around the corner and cows in the field behind me. The warning sign says it all.

Scammels Farm ahead

Postcard stuff before crossing the river Mole

Brockham Village Green

A community shop run by locals and serves tea and cakes


The descent or ascent near New Digate, Surrey League riders will know of it.

Fourwent Ponds watching a Heron

Fourwent Pond oak tree


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